MMM Magazine is a new alternative magazine that features Music (usually in the metal genres), Models (alternative tattooed girls) and More! MMM Magazine was started by Rod Black, aka Foto Door, one of the best photographers in the industry.

Rod came to me many months ago in hopes of getting me as a feature in one of the magazine issues, all we needed was a skilled photographer in the area willing to do the concept that Rod was looking for. Being that I am a Chapter Head of The Satanic Temple in Arizona, Rod thought it would be perfect to do a Satanic Ritual shoot for the Halloween issue of MMM Magazine. Rod hired Rob Cano as his staff photographer for the Magazine and he is perfect because he is willing to try new things out of his comfort zone. That is a skill any truly talented artist has to achieve- the willingness to try new things to be able to grow as an artist.

In order to do a Satanic Ritual shoot, I needed the help from a few council members of TST-AZ. We planned all of the materials we would need in order to build an incredible set for the shoot.

Finally, our shoot day arrived and we had the help of yet another amazing Arizona photographer/videographer Alex Gomez, aka Night Vulture Productions; while Rob did the photography, Alex created a video.

Here a few behind the scenes images I got from the shoot. Stay tuned for the released of the feature in October 2016 and the video. 🙂