“I was hoping you might share a little about what goes through your head during and after a suspension and what doing that is like for you. Thanks ;)”
-Joshua Thompson
Before a suspension, I have to put myself in a relaxed mindset. I need to focus on the upcoming
journey and think of ways to make this experience as best as possible. Music is very helpful and being
surrounded by good energy helps. I like to hold someone’s hand as I am getting my back pierced by
one of the team members.
I tune out everything around me and focus on the person in charge of my suspension, usually that is
Steve Haworth. The person in charge and I try to keep eye contact as much as possible because
communication is very important.
Again, music is very motivating. As soon as I begin to feel the music I start to tug on the hooks to get
my adrenaline pumping. When the moment is opportune I tuck my legs in under me. Constant motion
is important for me which is why I always keep my legs moving. I am not very fond of static
suspensions because I think its too painful. The feel of the wind in my hair and through my fingers is
the best part about being up there.
I am the most happy when I am on hooks. I pour allot of emotions out whether it’s for
performing or for myself. The rush of adrenaline is almost like a drug. When I come down I am
literally in a foggy, dreamlike state. It wears off after a few days and is followed by a heavy emotional
crash, which is why I take 5HTP a couple days after suspending.
If you are interested in learning more about suspension and information on how to find a local team to suspend you, please visit suspension.org
“I am the most happy when I am on hooks. I pour allot of emotions out whether it’s for
performing or for myself.” -Mischief Madness

Editor’s Note: I used to perform as a suspension artist with Life Suspended from 2012-2013 when I firstbegan modeling. They are the best suspension team in Arizona and are still available for bookings. They also host quarterly public suspension parties where anyone can have the opportunity to fly.