We were worried about getting rained out of our shoot on this after afternoon but instead we got some of the most amazing skies for what was an amazingly fun day. Absolutely love shooting with J. Chunglo Photography, he is definitely one of my favoritest people ever!

I had allot of fun making the BTS video– the imminent storm brings a playful wild side out of me. The location was on the Indian Reservation, outside of south of Phoenix. The landscape is scattered with abandoned and burnt down houses. This place was nice and secluded for us to shoot without getting disturbed.

I wore outfits by Savage Shreds and Bang Your Head Clothing.

Some of these images were edited using Jon’s signature style. The topless images are raw, with minor adjustments and without photoshop. Regardless, they still look amazing and they show the diversity of the photographer. 🙂

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