Do you ever meet someone for the first time and just know that you and that person are going to instantly hit it off? That is totally what happened with me and this beautiful girl Baby Compton.

It was like the Universe brought us together! This shoot happened when I visited my good friend Joe Bowers Photography in Boise, Idaho in September. Joe and I met a cool guy that lives in a haunted mansion. Jake, the resident of the home, looked like someone I would hang out with: he smoked weed, liked heavy metal, and got down with Satan. I mentioned that I was part of the Ladies of Metal and he informed me that Baby Compton not only lived in Boise, but that they were good friends as well!

It was just too perfect. Jake called up Baby and we set up a shoot. This was her first time going full nude and she did it with me 🙂 *grins* Thanks Joe for getting down with the Ladies of Metal! <3