The “Messy Eater” series has to be the funnest shoot I ever had creating and it allowed me to truly let loose and not worry about the camera. I have one hell of a sweet-tooth and I always wanted to incorporate food into one of my shoots. This was my fist time working with Patrick Kellas (PK Photography) and he was excited about the food theme as much as I was!
Patrick provided me with some of my favorite sweet desserts and told me that I would have free-reign of what happens during the shoot. He would provide direction if I needed it but if I was on a roll then he would just sit back and let the magic happen. Once the outfits, setting, and desserts were picked out, we had a total of four delicious sets to shoot. I paid attention to the position of the camera but for the most part I indulged myself in the sweets that were before me. Every lick, every bite, and every delighted expression was all natural. I recreated my food fantasy by covering myself in sticky syrup and chocolate- it was so sinfully sweet.
Overall it was a great experience with Patrick and I hope to shoot with him again. My next food shoot I would like to recreate another odd indulgence I fetishize about…dipping. I love to dip and it would make for a good erotica shoot. 😉
Photos by PK Photography
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