Who says you can’t be brutal and cute at the same time?! Angie Marie Dreams came up with this incredible concept where I would butcher this horde of stuffed animals in the name of sexy. The funniest part of the whole shoot was trying to incorporate the stuffed rooster with naughty nuances. I balanced him on my bum and always kept him close to me because I just love cocks 😉 I used an ornamental dagger to create the punctures and used my teeth and fingers to shred the animals apart. I took two one-of-a-kind Instax photos which I auctioned off here on my website to my members only. I want to incorporate using more Instax/Polaroids in my shoots for future auctions and giveaways.

You may also find this set on Zivity, if you are a member to the website but of course I want you to see it here first by getting a subscription. <3

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