Hello everyone!

It was due time to brand myself and create this website so that I can finally receive something in return from all of these years of heavily investing in my work, looks and furthering my name.

Thank you all for visiting and browsing through my new website! The new mischiefmadness.com has been up and running for a week and has been successfully accepting subscriptions. I can’t thank my members enough for their support and I hope I don’t ever let you down! In the short time I have been working on it, I have already learned so much and I hope to only make the site better with time.

The next step to my career was in the balance with this new business endeavor of mine and for a while I thought it was never going to happen. Those who have followed my progress know that I have been teasing the new site since August 2015 and for a brief period I stopped promoting it completely.

If there is one thing I am good at, it is learning the hard way and that is exactly what I experienced with the web developer I had originally hired. I first found this company through a different alternative model’s website that I admired. After I called the company and left a voicemail they had one of their representatives, Moses, email me back asking how he could help me. After I told him what I wanted and he sent me a quote, to which he required half as a deposit before he could speak with me any further.

Moses was a nice enough guy in our conversations, however, his work ethic was beyond disappointing. He made very little progress on the website over the next six months and kept telling me I needed to upload content to my shared dropbox folder before he could build me anything. The poor excuse of a website he finally did show me was a dumbed down version of my first website that I had built myself. It took him eight months before he even tried to set up the CCBill payment plan. I was so naive to not see this guy was just stringing me along and that he obviously had no interest in my project because it would take him days to get back to my messages.

I made the mistake of believing Moses that he was doing everything he could do to complete my website. My eagerness turned into anxiety and, as time progressed, the hype for my website had become stale. My anxiety turned into depression and hopelessness; I wanted to quit modeling all together. I felt that my career was ruined and my fans had either forgotten about me or gotten tired of waiting for my website.

I am not one who likes to ask people for help because I hate inconveniencing anyone with my problems but I had come to the end of my rope. This is when I reached out to my good friend Joe Bowers. Joe had previously offered his web developing his skills when we first had met but I had already invested my money in Moses and was reluctant to having to start all over.

Starting over is not as bad as it seems when you have nothing worthwhile to begin with. After nine months of waiting on Moses I decided to call it quits with him. In one week, Joe built me the website of my dreams and had it successfully integrated with the proper payment plan and plug-ins. I would be absolutely lost without his guidance; this stuff is not easy! The week before the launch we both worked diligently to make sure that the website was in working order; there are a few minor bugs but that is only because technology likes to fail randomly.

This website means everything to me because it was the next step in my modeling career. Since I began modeling in 2012, mostly for trade, I realized most models will never have a steady income from trying to charge photographers. The industry is heavily saturated with hobby models who have yet to invest years of their time and most of their income to continue modeling. It was due time to brand myself and create this website so that I can finally receive something in return from all of these years of heavily investing in my work, looks and furthering my name.

May 2nd was the launch date and I was terrified that it would be an utter failure but you guys have proven otherwise! I am so thankful to those who have subscribed to the website this far and the site will only get better with time. If you have any ideas for shoot themes, videos, or features for the site please let me know! This journey has been filled with all sorts of lessons and I am enjoying learning them and I hope you stick along for the ride.

If you are experiencing login issues, please email me at info@mischiefmadness.com