“The point is I am in control and should not be afraid to act like it. I am not some amateur model that
can be coerced into shooting whatever and I will not be made felt like a fool for having clear
boundaries and stipulations.” – Mischief Madness
I ended 2015 with a new sense of direction as to where I wanted to take my career in the modeling
industry. I wrote a blog about it for those who missed it called “Mischief Madness Erotica”; I knew writing it was going to cause quite the stir. I would open myself to possibly new valuable opportunities but I also knew that it would attract plenty of fruitless ventures. The responsibility of being transparent about my boundaries with those that I work with rests solely on ME from here on in- whether or not they will portray me in a way that is desirable to me and whether they would benefit or damage character.
As I stated in “Mischief Madness Erotica” I have been an exotic dancer for ten years. My nudity has been my sole source of income for the last decade but it has remained strictly within the four walls of the establishment. Nude modeling is an entirely different animal because an image, once posted online,
has the capability of going anywhere in cyberspace- so you can understand why I choose to be selective with those that I shoot nude with. I also provide every photographer that I shoot nude with with my Release Form detailing my stipulations.
I think my stipulations are simple and reasonable…Regardless of whether I get paid to do a shoot or if I decide to shoot for trade with a photographer my nips and vag are to remain EXCLUSIVE to my
website unless they discuss it with me first.
This means that the photographer has to edit the photo to
blur said areas or crop a certain way so it doesn’t show anything. I DO NOT want the public to be able
to google “Mischief Madness” and have the ability to see my naked images on some bullshit website
that I don’t like. Fine Art Galleries, Industry Sites like Zivity, Commercial Usage, and Prints are ok
because it takes preventative measures to keep people from taking photos and re-posting them. All I
want is a little effort and cooperation from the photographer, I am usually very understanding.
I don’t want my nude images on social media because, like I stated before, MY NUDITY is my money.
Even if the photographer pays me that once, I am losing on the residual income I would be earning had
I kept the nudes exclusive to my website. I am trying to protect my content by limiting how much of
my nudity is on the internet for free. This request is NOT unrealistic and up to MY DISCRETION and
can change at ANY TIME; every photographer will be dealt with individually and there will be times
when I will chose to release nudes to the public but that is MY CHOICE as to whom I will shoot that
material with. I am even more selective with whom I do erotica with. At the moment, I am only doing
erotica with one photographer and am not available for booking in this category at this time.
2016 is a new year yet it has already tested my boundaries and strengthened my resolve as to who I
want to be as an artistic nude/erotic model. Already I have had criticism from one photographer who
became salty after reading my Photography Release Form. He thought because he was paying for my
services that he could do whatever he wanted with the images we took. Excuse me? No. This is my likeness he is dealing with and I will not leave myself unprotected that way. If he and I cannot agree to
the terms of the shoot then I will not shoot with him, it is not my loss, but there was no need for the
photographer to act like he knew better than me as to what I should do with MY BODY and how to handle MY BUSINESS. He was just mad he could not get what he wanted. New and inexperienced models need to stay vigilant, know their boundaries, and adhere to them even
when a photographer is pressuring them to do otherwise.
Honestly, it is a stressful situation to be in trying to pick and choose who I will invest my time with. I
don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity or offend anyone by my lack of interest in working with
them at that time. Sometimes I agree to do a nude shoot with a photographer, whose portfolio isn’t the
best but they did agree to my Photography Release to keep my nudity exclusive to my website, but then
I have to awkwardly back down because they want me to do things that are out of my comfort zone. I
hate agreeing to do something and then backing out but it is better than agreeing to a shoot where I
will uncomfortable and constantly worrying about the unflattering nude images.
The point is I am in control and should not be afraid to act like it. I am not some amateur model that
can be coerced into shooting whatever and I will not be made felt like a fool for having clear
boundaries and stipulations. My agenda is established and I know what my priority is and that is my
website, the NEW
mischiefmadness.com that is still under construction. My website won’t release until
I feel it is ready so I thank you all for your patience and support in this endeavor.
Thank you all for reading this blog. I hope this blog entry helps at least one inexperienced model
understand her worth and not be pressured to do anything she does not want to do because you will
thank yourself later. Protect yourself, your image, your reputation, and your likeness…ALWAYS.
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