Hello Everyone!
2015 has been a big year for me and I have been keeping most of my work secret because it involves
allot of preparation, waiting, and away-from-the-lens kind of things that do not involve any modeling
pictures for me to share- so I don’t want to bore anyone. Although, many of you have commented that I
should be a more active blogger especially since I have been announcing launching of my new website
in 2016!
I made the decision to take my modeling career to the next level by investing in a new
website which will have a “Members Only” section for anyone who is wishing to see my
uncensored photos, saucy videos, and live chat rooms. After my last cosmetic surgery investment (I upgraded my boobs and lifted my eyebrows) I came back with a vengeance. I have been modeling for almost four years and wanted more to show for it so I decided to brand Mischief Madness and go into business for myself. I have worked hard enough and
invested enough money to know that I am a valuable model, personality, and performer.
Once the new website is up I will be posting most of my blogs there while sharing previews of the
content on my other social media outlets
like Missconstrued Boutique and the Ladies of Metal. <—EEK !!! I was recently accepted as a LOM and I am extremely excited to be able to combine my talents as a model, radio DJ, and as a music journalist/reporter.
Other things changes have happened this year that took priority to modeling, but after lots of hard work I am proud to say I am now I homeowner! It took months for me to be able to have a little bit of breathing room once we closed on
the house but once I got the keys it was such a relief!
I will look back on 2015 as the year that I got shit done. I may not have done as many photoshoots this
year or done any traveling but I “adulted” like a damn PRO!! It was hectic, full of ups and downs, filled
with tragedy and hope, and most importantly change and life’s lessons. In 2016, I will finally be able to
see the changes of everything I have worked so hard for this year.
Hope everyone has enjoyed the read because I will be doing this more often. Since this was my first
blog in such a long time it was kind of all over the place. I promise to be more specific as time goes on!WOM cover
The remainder of the year looks productive:
I will be shooting more content for my website.
I also have a few concerts to cover for IPORadio.com, my radio show the World of Madness with
Mischief Madness airs every Friday 2-5PM AZ time and still love doing it.
I have FOUR tattoo appointments for the remainder of this year so I will be doing lots of healing in December.
Planning on changing my hair color to blues, greys and whites in the near future as well!
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