The Ladies of Metal where proud to sponsor the Texas Independence Fest 2016 in Austin, Texas on Saturday, April 9th.

The day first began cold and dreary with a chance of rain but the show must go on and fans started pouring into the venue. The main stage was soon packed with all of the concert goers. As the day progressed the energy was maintained throughout the venue. Once the main acts began to hit the stage, the second wave of energy was apparent as the crowd sang along to the words and the mosh pit went wild.

LOM had a sweet merch booth set up with all of our new items which can also be bought through our merch store

All of the bands put on an amazing performance. LOM Model Mischief Madness interviewed six bands: Despised Icon, Bury Your Dead, Carnifex, Oceano, Enterprise Earth, and Reign.

You can find the interviews on the Ladies of Metal YouTube Channel and Mischief Madness’ Soundcloud

Thank you to Shelby Shoots Stuff for the band images! Check out her work for more great show coverage![/one_half