Mischief Madness hosts her music brain child, “The World of Madness“, on IPORadio.com every Friday 2 PM-5PM (MST). The heavier of genres of metal can be found in this segment along with exclusive interviews from bands all metal heads know and love! You can find many of her audio interviews HERE and on the Ladies of Metal website.
IPO RADIO is an online platform and multi-genre radio station where independent rock/metal music is
celebrated and shared with the world! IPO Radio was launched in 2014 by founder Nate Martin and co-producer James “Gypsy” Nagy. Since its birth, IPO Radio has recruited numerous hosts to schedule their very own radio show, each specializing in different subgenres of rock and metal.
Mischief Madness’ enthusiasm for music and infectious bubbly demeanor has inspired her to explore more careers in the music entertainment industry. She hopes to take “The World of Madness” to different music outlets to be able to spread her love for Heavy Metal!