Mischief Madness is a heavily modified alternative model, radio personality, and performer out of
Tucson, Arizona. She currently has over a dozen covers and even more publications all over the world.
Mischief Madness is recognized for her extreme body modifications which include an extensive
backpiece and thigh pieces, pointed ears, a plethora of silicone subdermal implants, and a split tongue.

**MMMMagazine (January 2016)
**COVER Quest Magazine (January 2016)
**COVER US Ink Magazine #12
**Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine #36
**COVER X-Pressions Magazine
**Primo Tattoo Magazine #2
**Darkslide Magazine #13
**Inked Girls
**Flesh Mag-SultryMag.Net
**FetFan Magazine #12
**”The Ravishing and the Departed” by No Regrets Photography
**Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine
**Kultur Magazine
**Rebellicious Magazine

**Gothesque Magazine
**Best of Tattoo Models: Collected Edition by Akos Banfalvi (June 2015)
**Necrogirls Magazine
**Glam Rock Magazine
**”Perv Pics” A Book of Instant Film by Tragic Glamour (January 2015)
**”Revelations” The Photography of Justice Howard (December 2014)
**Rad Ink Magazine
**COVER Tag Magazine
**MyStache Magazine
**Southern Vixens
**Alt Girls
**COVER Savage Tattoo Magazine #128
**COVER Tattoo Envy Vol 4 #5
**Inkspired Magazine
**Garters and Grills
**Tattoo Inferno
**Avant Magazine
**COVER Goomah Magazine
**Skin & Ink Magazine
**COVER of Tattoos Only
**Skin Art Magazine
**COVER Tatuajes y Perforaciones
**COVER Kultur Tattoo Magazine
**COVER Snap Matter Magazine
**COVER DGN Tattoo Magazine
**COVER Ink Pushers Magazine
**Wearing Ink
**CENTERFOLD Ride Hard Magazine
**Bound By Ink
**Hungarian Tattoo Magazine
**The Cat’s Meow Magazine
**Riot Vixen Magazine
**Alternative Revolution Magazine
**Le Purr Magazine Issue
**COVER of Tabu Tattoo Magazine
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