In November of 2015- Mischief Madness became a spokesmodel for the Ladies of Metal, an alternative modeling agency which showcases models who live and work within the metal scene . The Ladies of Metal is the world’s top alternative modeling agency geared towards the promotion of both signed & unsigned bands in the metal and hardcore genres.
Each one of the Ladies of Metal has a strong passion for the music scene, and believe you do not have to look a certain way to be a fan of heavy music. Our ladies come from all different backgrounds to break your typical stereotypes of what a metal lady “should” look like.
With her experience as a radio host, personality, music reporter, and knowledge of various social media- Mischief Madness was a great addition to the Ladies of Metal team! You can find many of Mischief Madness’ interviews through the LOM website.
Book one our ladies today and become a part of one of the closest families in the metal and hardcore
community! We want to help your band expand your outreach by promoting you to our large fan base!
Book the Ladies of Metal for:
  • Hosting your event.
  • Sponsoring your tour/show.
  • Modeling your merchandise.
  • Appearances in music videos.
  • Appearances in band photo shoots.
  • Modeling on your CD cover.
  • Promoting your band on our social networks.
  • And much more!
Ladies of Metal can be found making appearances at shows and large festivals year-round all over the
country. Keep you eyes peeled for these Metal Babes in a city near you!