Mischief Madness is a heavily modified alternative model, radio personality, and performer out of Tucson, Arizona. She currently has over a dozen covers and even more publications all over the world. Mischief Madness is recognized for her extreme body modifications which include an extensive backpiece and thigh pieces, pointed ears, a plethora of silicone About me Picsubdermal implants, and a split tongue. Ms. Madness is a performer at heart and started modeling in 2012. She quickly branched out to performing as a body suspension artist with suspension group Life Suspended founded by world renowned body modification artist Steve Haworth. In 2013, Mischief Madness left Life Suspended to focus on her modeling and a new venture in music television.

Mischief Madness became a Miss Girl for Missconstrued Boutique, a couture fashion store, art gallery, tattoo shop, and hair salon all rolled into a neat package in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Missconstued has made their name in the Phoenix metro area and have helped countless of artists and models get their foot into the fashion industry.

In 2013, she was casted to become the cohost of the music television show “Music & Mayhem with Jon Russell” which was already in its second season. The show was then renamed to “Music & Mayhem with Jon Russel and Mischief Madness” and it aired for two more seasons. Music & Mayhem,currently on hiatus, partnered up with IPO Radio, a multi-genre online music platform that showcases independent music artists along side the big names in the music industry. Mischief Madness has her own weekly radio segment called “The World of Madness” that airs every Friday at IPORadio.com. She has interviewed dozens of bands in the metal scene which has earned her the nickname “The Mistress of Metal” by her peers. She hopes to continue her work as a music journalist, reporter and radio host especially now that she has been sponsored by a reputable agency that indulges her many talents. In November 2015, Ms. Madness became a member of Ladies of Metal,a prominent modeling agency that showcases beautiful alternative models who have a passion for all things that rock! The Ladies of Metal are passionate when promoting and helping metal bands in the music scene.

Ms. Madness owes many thanks to Missconstrued Boutique and Gallery, H2Ocean Models, and Maxwell Aesthetics for their sponsorship and continued support. Coming soon in 2016, Mischief Madness will be upgrading her current website www.mischiefmadness.com to offer subscriptions to members to view uncensored content and erotic videos. She is very excited to take this giant leap to further her modeling career.One thing is certain, Mischief Madness is a force to be reckoned with full of glitter, glamour, and gore.
Keep your eyes peeled for more from the Mistress of Metal!